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Academy President Serves as Official Observer
at SEA Games in the Philippines

United States Sports Academy President and CEO Dr. T.J. Rosandich recently participated as an official observer at the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in the Philippines.
The SEA Games are a biennial regional multi-sport event featuring athletes from 11 countries and close to 10,000 athletes from around Southeast Asia. The games are regulated by the Southeast Asian Games Federation and supervised by the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia. 
As an official observer invited by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), Rosandich was tasked with attending multiple events at different sites in the Philippines. He has been invited to return to the island nation in February, 2020 as one of two international participants in the Philippine National Sports Summit. The agenda at the conference will include a critique of the SEA Games as the nation looks toward charting a path forward in Philippine sports. Read more

Academy Launches Online ‘ProMethod’ Fitness Course

The United States Sports Academy is now offering an online, video-driven personal fitness course showcasing the cutting edge Finnish ProMethod concept to the general public around the world.
The Academy in August 2018 signed a cooperative agreement with the Finnish company ProFTraining Finland to provide educational opportunities to students in Finland, as well as to integrate that company’s health care techniques into Academy coursework. As part of the agreement, the Academy is now offering online, video-led continuing education courses featuring ProFTraining’s personal training concepts: the FasciaMethod, the ProMethod, and coming soon the PowerMethod.
After completing the course students will be able to plan and instruct their own FasciaMethod, ProMethod, and/or PowerMethod body maintenance programs for themselves, their clients or for a group fitness session.
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