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Imran Khan and the Rothschilds
October 18, 2019
The relationship between the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan and the Rothschilds were exposed in a controversial memoir written by none other than his now former wife, Reham Khan.
Imran Khan and the Rothschilds
Imran Khan and the Rothschilds

Jemima (Goldsmith) was only 21 when she married a 43-year-old Imran. For Jemima, marrying a much older man from another culture couldn’t have been much fun. Imran always said that he had connected better with his in-laws than his very young wife. Friends would tell me how the cultural restrictions weren’t the ideal start for the very young London socialite. Her time with Imran is described by most as a very suffocating experience for her. I could very much relate to a very young girl separated from all of her friends and surrounded by much older people in an oppressive atmosphere. Her Two brothers also got married in their early twenties. However, the Rothschilds and Goldsmiths shared a strong historical and religious bond. Both were Jewish banking families, with a history of political posts and influence in the Conservative party. In fact, Sir James Goldsmith was a protégé of Edmonde de Rothschild, long before his two sons married into this even richer Jewish family.

Ben had only been 22-years-old when he tied the knot with Kate Rothschild. And after that nine-year marriage fell apart, Zac then married her much younger sister, Alice, who he had been having an affair with. Kate was rumoured to have been having an affair with the American rapper Jay Electronica and their divorce was labelled the very first ‘Twitter divorce’ after an ugly lashing out on Twitter between them. Despite Ben being arrested after slapping his wife during an argument over the alleged affair, the historical bond between these two Jewish banking families was still visibly extant when, within a year, Zac had divorced his wife and married his mistress Alice Rothschild. Between the two Jewish banking dynasties, this connection is understandable.
Imran Khan with Jemima Goldsmith
Primlle Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan with his former wife Jemima Goldsmith

The bond between Imran and both the Goldsmiths and the Rothschilds was harder to understand for me. Imran said that he was the emotional coach for not only his own ex-wife’s man problems, but also for Kate Rothschild’s. According to Imran, Kate was devastated when the rapper she fell in love with converted to Islam and refused to continue an affair with her. The rapper was affiliated to the Nation of Islam, which is described as an anti-Semitic organization by its critics. 

Since the Rothschilds were not only known for their banking supremacy but also for being active Zionists, I piped in that perhaps it was the surname that caused conflict in Kate’s relationship, and pointed out that one of their ancestors, Walter Rothschild, was responsible for drafting the declaration for a Jewish homeland in Palestine in 1917, which came to be known as the Balfour declaration.
India in Cognitive Dissonance Book by GreatGameIndia
Imran Khan with Zac GoldsmithImran Khan with his former brother-in-law Zac Goldsmith outside Kingston mosque, London, in 2009 Photograph: Ben Mole / Newsquest SL

I found it strange that Imran made a point of extreme public rhetoric against the Americans and Zionism, while sharing close ties with those who had a clear interest in furthering Israel’s cause. Imran was also very close to his brothers-in-law, particularly Zac. Imran maintained that in a violent argument once where Imran slapped Jemima, it was Zac who urged Imran not to divorce his sister. Imran had impressed upon me that it was not his ex-wife but her family he was good friends with. He was especially indebted to ‘Jimmy’ as he had not only left more than enough money for his eight offspring to live off in luxury, but had also designed Imran’s future.

As time progressed, my gut instinct told me that Imran had to do their bidding, not because of any good-ex-husband responsibilities, but for his own political wellbeing. Less than a year later, my worst fears would be confirmed: A seasoned politician swore to me that a meeting had taken place, confirming Imran’s U.S support. To cross-check the story, I cornered the former Director General of the ISI, General Ehsan ul Haq, in Sadruddin Hashwani’s home, who confirmed Imran’s connections to the Americans. According to him, at a meeting in 1996 between the late Foreign Minister Sahabzada Yaqub Khan and Henry Kissinger, a third party was also present. That third party was Sir James Goldsmith.

The Pakistani foreign minister was then categorically told by Kissinger to “Look after our boy”. When Sahabzada asked who their boy was, the answer he received was “Imran Khan”.
Ghislaine Maxwell and Imran Khan
Ghislaine Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein’s business partner/madame managing his high-profile clients and the daughter of Israeli spy Robert Maxwell with Imran Khan and Taki Theodoracopulos at a party to mark the fall of communism at the Savoy Credit: Rex Features

I had started reading up about James Goldsmith during my marriage, and stumbled on an article by David Goldman in 1984. He wrote, ‘Sir Goldsmith created an elaborate network of puppets in Britain and the US to create an elaborate cash laundering network in the United States between 1981 and 1983’.

The investigation also raised questions concerning the finances of the political network broadly linked with Kissinger Associates Inc. According to it, General Vernon Walters of the State Department (the chief protégé of Henry Kissinger) was, for a long time, employed by Goldsmith.

Everything made complete sense when I realised that James Goldsmith had always been politically active, and had even founded his own party in the 90s called the Referendum party. It was a single issue Eurosceptic party which laid the foundations for Brexit. Before him, his father, Frank Goldsmith, a hotelier of German Jewish descent, had been a conservative MP. Besides his portfolio of 48 hotels, he was known for being one of the founders of the King David Hotel in East Jerusalem, over 46% of which was funded by notable Jews. Following the decisive six-day war, East Jerusalem was successfully annexed and the hotel was extended. 

Through the early months of marriage, I had struggled to understand Jemima’s hold on Imran Khan. He clearly hated her phone calls, and cursed her after each one, but could not say no to her. Initially, I thought he was just a doormat because of his kids, but it began to dawn on me around September that it was a much stronger hold than that. It was too much information that I should have looked into long before I got married. All I had listened to was Imran’s speeches and his constant rhetoric against the Americans. Not only do we venture into personal relationships with our eyes wide shut but when we go to the voting booths, even the journalists in us have no real idea what we are voting for. The information is all out there but we choose to follow the propaganda we are fed.
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Imran Khan and the Rothschilds | GreatGameIndia

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 There has been much that has already been written about the Rothschild crime syndicate. We acknowledge that for those who are not part of the general global awakening and the truth movement, such discussions could get too confusing and even overwhelming. As such, it is my intent in this article to unravel and shed light on any still-lingering confusion by speaking to common people and not just my fellow intellectual elites, academicians, and fellow independent researchers. 
Before I begin, I want to emphatically state the following: 
To those freemasonic architects of control whose aim has always been to lie and confuse the masses by muddying the truth, let it be clear that what I am about to discuss is NOT a “conspiracy theory” – a pejorative they commonly use when they yearn to assassinate articulate dissent. No, we are academics; we are not interested in “conspiracy theories”. However, we are [and should be] very much interested in conspiracy FACTS since it is our job to investigate and expose lies and spread the truth. And may I remind you of the old Christian proverb that the biggest trick the devil has ever pulled [throughout human history] was to convince the masses that he doesn’t exist. With that preface in mind, I now get into the crux of the matter.
For approximately 250 years, the multi-faceted Zionist Rothschild crime family, with its prototypical Luciferian, anti-Christian, anti-religion, globalist aspirations, has tirelessly worked to intertwine and morph itself into the already existing global financial power structure as well as take over the helms of the mass brainwashing apparatus that we now call the controlled western mainstream media.
And up to now, they have mainly succeeded. But in the last two decades or so, albeit slowly but surely, things have been finally turning against them, thanks primarily to the general global awakening and the truth movement facilitated through an unprecedented proliferation of knowledge, courtesy of the information technology revolution that is connecting us all together. 
If we aim to truly expose and eventually derail and defeat the satanic Illuminati agenda and the New World Order mechanism – or more accurately translated, New Secular (godless) Order which is a more precise translation of the Latin phrase, “Novus Ordo Seclorum” – which has been in making for centuries, then we must arm ourselves with the up-to-now hidden knowledge of not just the version of history that has been [and still is being] taught to students in our Western, mainstream, so-called educational systems, but instead turn to the alternative, hidden version of history which used to only be available and known in various so-called “elite”, occult, and esoteric circles throughout the world, especially in the Western so-called “civilization”. Yes, information was always power as it will forever be. At any rate, it is nearly impossible to delve into such matters without stumbling on the name Rothschild. 
George Orwell put it best in his legendary book, 1984“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” Throughout the Western, mainstream, so-called educational systems, the Rothschilds are what I call the ultimate, obsessive-compulsive architects of control – so meticulous that there have been few examples in modern [or post modern] history that matches them.
Note: Do not be alarmed by the word “occult” which literally means, "clandestine, hidden, secret or knowledge of the hidden". This, of course, does not have to be satanic in nature but it could be. However, by shedding light on such matters, this up-to-now hidden knowledge will no longer be occultic but transparent, apparent, and self-evident. Hence we take away its occultic mystique and in this case diabolic nature. Let us be comforted by the Word of God as delivered through Apostle John, peace be upon him, some 2000 years ago: 
“The light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness has not overcome it” – John 1:5.
Let us begin with some brief and on-the-surface facts about the Rothschilds, especially their hidden hand in the Middle East region:
In 1917, the British subsidiary of the Rothschild crime syndicate effectively arm-twisted and forcibly lobbied the British Government to promise to grant them Palestine in exchange for getting the United States to get involved in World War I on the side of Britain and thus ensure a British victory over Germany, et al.
Thus the Balfour Declaration was conceived. This was a one-page official letter (business executive-summary style) from the British Foreign Secretary at the time, Arthur James Balfour, to Baron Rothschild stating the following: “His Majesty’s government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this objective.”
There was a big problem with this scenario: Palestine was never Britain’s to grant away. It rightfully belonged to the Palestinian Arabs who had dwelled there for centuries – ever since time immortal as recorded in the Old Testament, albeit portrayed in a negative light due to the Israelite bias. Thousands of years later, in walked the Rothschild Zionists, usurping their way in, as usual, since this has been their traditional method of stealing power and resources for centuries. Slowly but surely, they started to brutally and forcefully evacuate the land and take over. In the past several decades, the Zionists have murdered and victimized millions of innocent and defenseless Palestinians. They are still committing genocide to this day with the full blessing of Washington, London, and Brussels but more importantly the Rothschild crime family who are the behind-the-scenes agents of the highest echelons of diabolic earthly power with a lust for control and domination. I will not elaborate on the nature of their esoteric Luciferian agenda since that could be a separate topic for another article.  
According to the Jewish English historian, Simon Schama, the Rothschilds own 80% of what they have opportunistically called “Israel” – a blasphemy unto itself according to true Torah Jews who correctly point out (according to academic Judaic biblical understanding) that after the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by the Roman General Titus, as prophesized by Jesus Christ some 40 years earlier, that a nation of Israel can ONLY be assembled by the Messiah himself and absolutely by no earthly power or authority and that the contrary is nothing short of a satanic agenda and contrary to the will and directions of the Divine Providence. 
The creation of the Zionist State of so-called “Israel” was massively unjust right from the beginning: an entity conceived in treachery, theft, and cruelty and politically justified vis-à-vis the evil of the burnt offering which is the exact meaning of the word Holocaust. In this manner, the evil Rothschilds’ cult of Moloch belief in human sacrifice, in this case the Holocaust, was a precursor and a required harbinger for them to steal and carve their own nation state.
Naturally, this profound inequity continues to breed conflict today, as has been the case all along. It is no exaggeration to state that the founding of this Rothschild Zionist State, along with the blind and absolute ideological and financial support by their corrosive AIPAC and JDL lobbyists among other traitors in Washington, London, Brussels, and Tel Aviv may dangerously be a contrived forerunner to World War III itself, as we have been gradually witnessing this possible trend taking place in the Middle East in the past several years, starting with the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 followed by other covert wars and anarchies to follow which is dangerously drawing in global powers such as Russia as well as China and India (in rhetoric) and regional powers such as Iran and Saudi Arabia.
It’s hard to fathom that this puny, desert-stricken patch of Rothschild Zionist-created entity which measures no more than 8019 square miles – all of it illegal and stolen of course – practically controls the Middle Eastern foreign policy mechanisms of the governments of the US, EU, UK, Canada, France, and many others in the Western world. Apparently, at least for now, size doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Rothschilds have always been fully behind this Frankenstein golem, falsely and blasphemously called, “Israel”, in which the Rothschilds are both the Frankenstein and the golem.
At any rate, here are more facts about the broad spectrum of the power of the Rothschild crime syndicate:
The Rothschilds own the Reuters and the Associated Press (AP), the two biggest news media agencies in the world which naturally have stayed subservient to their master’s propaganda talking points, albeit with a clever twist of what seem like “objectivity” which it totally is not. The Rothschilds also have a controlling share in the Royal Dutch Oil Company, the so-called “Bank of England” which in reality should be called, “The Bank of Rothschilds” as part of their original five European banking branches in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Naples, as exhibited in the Rothschild five arrows coat-of-arms, symbolizing the five sons of the criminal godfather Mayer Amschel Rothschild who lived from 1744 to 1812 in Frankfurt, Germany still the financial capital of the Federal Republic of Germany courtesy of the Rothschilds.
They also own LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), exert tremendous covert influence at the Federal Reserve, the ECB (European Central Bank), IMF, World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements. The Rothschilds also have ownership of the majority supply of actual physical gold in the world. They own the London Gold Exchange which sets the price of gold every day. It is estimated that the Rothschilds own over half of the wealth of the entire planet – estimated by Credit Suisse to be $231 trillion which is reportedly managed and controlled by the 85-year old Lord Evelyn Rothschild, the current head of this crime family.
And here’s a very interesting relatively recent fact: One week before September 11, 2001, the ZIM Shipping Company broke its lease which it had held for 30 years with New York’s World Trade Center Building Complex which of course were owned by Silverstein Properties. ZIM Shipping Company is 50% owned by the Rothschilds, hinting that they possibly had a hand in 9-11 via quo bono circumstantial evidence that is just begging to be officially investigated but of course is not because the Rothschilds are way too big and encompassing. Here’s a crucial side-note addendum: ZIM Shipping Company was formerly known as ZIM Israel Navigation Company Ltd. and Zim American Israeli Shipping Inc. It is the biggest cargo shipping company in Israel, and one of the top 20 global carriers.
Back to the past, in 2005 Forbes magazine ranked Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the original godfather of this criminal family back in the 18th and early 19th century, as number seven in its list of "The 20 Most Influential Businessmen of All Time“. Incidentally, Mayer Amschel Rothschild is referred to as the "founding father of international finance”.
The Rothschilds were directly involved in financing the British in their War of 1812 when England invaded Washington D.C. and burned our nation’s capital to the ground. Three years later (in 1815), the Rothschilds took complete control of the Bank of England, but kept the name as a decoy, of course, with all the other national banks that they now own throughout the globe.
The Rothschilds were also directly involved in financing the Southern secessionists during the American Civil War of 1861-1865. President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was in fact a Rothschild agent.
After their hostile takeover of the Bank of England in1815, the Rothschilds have been expanding their banking control literally all over the world. Their method: Pressuring various countries’ corrupt politicians to accept massive IMF loans, which they can never repay, of course, and thus go into a form of debt slavery to the Rothschild banking powers. If a leader refuses to accept the loan, he is oftentimes either ousted or assassinated. And if that fails, invasions can follow. Does that sound familiar?
As stated above, the Rothschilds also exert powerful influence over the world’s major western mainstream news media outlets. By repetition of the same deceitful propaganda throughout their news cycle, the masses are duped into believing exaggerated horror stories about “evil dictators” such as Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Moamar Gadhafi of Libya, and now Basher Assad of Syria, etc. Again, does THAT sound familiar?
The Rothschild crime syndicate has had their hand in fomenting nearly every European war during the past 250 years, two of which were meticulously designed to become world wars in the 20th century alone. They also install presidents and prime-ministers, dethrone and install kings (with Freemasonic puppet replacements), foment false revolutions and coup-d’etats, create and stimulate social, ethnic, moral, cultural, political, and geopolitical divisions and sectarianisms, bankrupt nations through wars and rumors of wars, use and abuse of economic tools (their favorite modus operandi) such as interest rate manipulations, contrived economic bubbles followed by financial collapses, recessions, and full economic depressions, in addition to currency exchange manipulations, and the list goes on and on. Like vermin, the Rothschild blood-suckers live to profit from all these societal and economic ills. 
On the cultural front, they have always worked hard [again from behind-the-scenes] vis-à-vis the hidden hand of the immoral and godless Freemasonic power structures to corrode long-cherished moral values and spread all manners of sexual deviations and perversions which their godless liberal surrogates have worked hard during the past 50 years to make these filth into a competing norm across Western Europe and North America. By abusing sacred phrases such as human rights and democracy, these utterly deprave, morally corrupt, liberal surrogates are directly arm-twisting tradition and moral societies to adopt their decrepit moral relativism and ethical ambiguity vis-à-vis the modern, secular so-called educational systems which they had a major hand in designing. In other words, a multiple decades-long cultural campaign of mass brain-washing to mislead the peoples of the world, especially in Western Europe and North America regions to persuade the public to call what is good evil and to call evil what is good. This of course was prophesized by Prophet Isaiah in the 8th century B.C. when he wrote, Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20).
From the gecko, they aimed to destroy Western Christianity (Catholicism and later on Protestantism) which unfortunately to a great extend they succeeded. They infiltrated the very Catholic Church in the 15th and 16th centuries during the Italian Renaissance vis-à-vis the Borgia popes who were Spanish Maranos in heritage. 
They tried to do the same with Eastern Orthodox Christianity but utterly failed – then and now. Today, we must be grateful for the enthusiastic resurgence and hopeful revival of the Eastern Orthodox faith as a viable moral, ethical, and political force to be reckoned with, especially among the youth of Russia and Eastern Europe. This is one of the many reasons for their fanatical Russia-phobia media campaign. They typically insert this via their news media neuro-lingual programming of repeatedly calling this or that world leader a “dictator”, as they continue to do so, for example, with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iran’s former President Ahmadinejad, Venezuela’s recently deceased former President Hugo Chavez and current President Nicolás Maduro, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales, and the recently CIA-deposed Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff as well as Philippines’s new President Rodrigo Duterte. These world leaders (among many others) are continuously singled-out and red-flagged because of their stern and courageous audacity to openly oppose [and expose] the Rothschild Illuminati power structure, albeit without directly invoking their name. They are frequently (if not repeatedly) character assassinated via all the western mainstream media outlets which they happen to own and operate.  
Back to the resurgence of religion and traditional values, the surge in traditional Catholicism should also be celebrated in countries like Poland, et al., although this is a sensitive topic for Russia, especially after the fall of the USSR in 1991. Nevertheless, this Catholic resurgence does serve as a force to combat moral relativism and cultural decay that is running rampant in the North America and Western Europe regions, albeit we are at the threshold of a great modern revival of traditional values in both aforementioned regions. 
And as for the true, revolutionary, modern, righteous, political Islam, the Rothschild Zionists perceive that as their greatest threat while all along, they foment and fund the most brutal and savage-like versions of false Islam such as Wahabism and Salafism via their Saudi and other Gulf Arab puppet proxies vis-à-vis the bloody ISIS savage mercenaries, in order to distort, confuse, and muddy the perceptions of the peoples of the world and even Muslims themselves towards Islam. 
This is so since their ultimate geopolitical plan in the greater Middle East region is to first evacuate big chunks of it vis-à-vis chaos, anarchy, lawlessness, and the wars that cause depopulation by horrific deaths which are then followed by the current refugee crisis across the massive war-torn areas of the Middle East and North Africa. This is intentionally done so in order to once-and-for-all implement their evil “Greater Israel” project which comprises confiscating all the lands from the Nile River (in Egypt) to the Euphrates River (in Iraq). 
Long ago, they even codified this hegemonic concept in their despicable Rothschild Zionist flag which is on a white background falsely symbolizing peace, comprised of two blue stripes symbolizing the Nile River and the Euphrates River (at the top and bottom) with their so-called “Star of David” which in actuality is their Star of Remphan – a Babylonian and Egyptian symbol signifying the satanic cult of Saturn worship that the Israelites most probably plagiarized and adopted from the Egyptians while wondering around in the desert for 40 years after their liberation/ expulsion from Egypt. Please refer to Amos 5:26 as well as Acts 7:43 for a specific mention of this Star of Remphan. Besides, King David absolutely had no star or symbol, as many Orthodox Jewish rabbis would gladly testify. The eternal and true symbol of true Torah Jews is none other than the Menorah, symbolizing truth and light. However, King David’s son, the mystical King Solomon certainly did have a star (or symbol) and that was the upright pentagram symbolizing humanity. Turn it slightly to the left or right and you have the Luciferian Baphomet symbol – an idol or deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping.   
Anyway, why are the Rothschilds obsessed with their ominous control and conquest of big chucks of the Middle East? The answer is very cryptic and mysterious which I may greatly elaborate in future articles. In brief, in order to directly control and spiritually abuse the powerful and esoteric energy vortexes of these very ancient and magical lands. And their trump card if their hegemony is ever challenged or threatened? The so-called “Samson Option”, Israel's deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons against any country whose military may defensively attack Israel. These are but just a few exoteric examples of the wicked strategies of the Rothschilds and other so-called “elite” powerful families who are numbered to be 13 who rule the earth today with a clear satanic agenda for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to listen.
Back to some of the geo-economic strategies of the Rothschilds, here comes the Iran dossier. Revolutionary and modern Islamic ideology aside, could gaining control of the CBI (Central Bank of Iran) with its sizable gold deposits be one of the main reasons that Iran has been intensely targeted and demonized for close to 40 years by the western media and the warmongers in Washington, NATO, and Tel Aviv? Objective researchers point out that Iran is now one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is NOT under Rothschild control. Before 9-11, there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Iran – not that they would amount to much in the macroeconomic global sense. But in the case of Iraq and Libya, their supply of physical gold was vast, as is reported with Iran. 
By 2003, however, Afghanistan and Iraq were completely swallowed up by the Rothschild system and by 2011 Sudan and Libya followed. In Libya, a Rothschild bank was even established in Benghazi while the country was still at war!
Again, objective researchers contend that Iran is not being demonized because they are a nuclear threat, as facts have proven over-and-over that Iran is clearly NOT a nuclear threat. And yet, the Rothschild-controlled mainstream media along with puppet politicians relentlessly keep repeating this lie even after the signing of JCPOA, the acronym for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action between P5+1 (Russia, China, US, UK, France + Germany) and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
What then is the real reason? Is it the trillions to be made in stolen oil profits, or the trillions to be made in war profits (a two-centuries long Rothschild specialty), or is it to start World War III for whatever diabolic financial incentive, or is it to simply destroy the CBI (Central Bank of Iran) so that no one is left to defy Rothschild’s money racket? It might be any one of those reasons or worst, it might be all of them!
To sum up, what used to be pejoratively referred to as a “conspiracy theory” is now being discussed openly among credible academics, cutting-edge independent think-tanks, and ultimately the governments of the nations of the world. 
Lastly, an old John Maynard Keynes & E. F. Schumacher concept for a global currency called the Bancor may still be a viable Rothschild global currency scam and along with it their proposed, controversial, octopus-like global central bank swindle, dominating every financial aspect of today’s modern life. 
The criminal Rothschild godfather, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, famously said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.” Whoever continues to control the monetary system of the world will in effect control the policies and laws – globally speaking. What is the Rothschilds’ strategy in achieving this? One of the preliminary measures of incorporating a global currency seems to be the destruction of all currencies around the globe in order to justify its inception.
As stated, calls for a global currency began to come about after World War II, when British Economist John Maynard Keynes and the British government proposed the Bancor as a world reserve currency. The current ongoing economic crisis, especially ever since the Great Recession of 2008, has set the stage for the demise of the dollar as the current world reserve currency in order to possibly make way for this proposed Bancor or whatever other name or electronic/ digital currency system they come up with, to make their propaganda more marketable since the cat is totally out of the bag with the Bancor, figuratively-speaking.
One thing is for certain, Washington, the Fed, and their allies are in on the plan, as the Fed continues to devalue the dollar through “quantitative easing”, better put, printing more and more worthless paper money. Washington continues to grow by spending more-and-more only to exacerbate the problem. Perhaps, this is all part of the Rothschild plan to destroy the dollar once-and-for-all. 
Timothy Geithner, former president of the New York branch of the Fed and later on Barack Obama’s Secretary of Treasury from 2008-2012 openly endorsed the one world currency. He, more-or-less, admits to it (in this brief video) from a meeting at the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington, incidentally a major political & economic think-tank arm of the Rothschild power structure:
Some argue that the US housing market bubble, US auto industry’s near collapse and its subsequent US Government bailout, Wall Street and banker bailouts, as well as the drastic reduction in manufacturing here in the US are all contrived events in order to systematically crush the US economy and the dollar in particular, with the ultimate goal of making way for phase two of the ominous Rothschild and other elite families’ final takeover of the world’s monetary systems and the completion of a New World Order feudalistic dictatorship, better put, the New Secular/ Godless Order. The writing is certainly on the wall. 
Now, let the real people’s social, political, economic, but most importantly spiritual revolution begin. We are at the threshold – and some would say in the midst of – a grand new global reality. If we are to defeat this Rothschild satanic agenda, we must all work together, shoulder-to-shoulder and hand-in-hand, or we are doomed.

A Brief Summary of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate’s Activities in the Middle East and Elsewhere | Geopolitica.RU

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رَبَّنَا ءَاتِنَا فِى الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً وَفِى اْلآخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً وَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ

وَصَلَّى الله ُعَلَى سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى ءَالِهِ وَصَحْبِهِ وَسَلَّمَ

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  7. Surat Al A'raf  (Tempat Tertinggi)
  8. Surat Al Anfal (Rampasan Perang)
  9. Surat At Taubah (Pengampunan)
  10. Surat Yunus (Nabi Yunus A.S.)
  11. Surat Hud (Nabi Huud A.S.)
  12. Surat Yusuf (Nabi Yusuf A.S.)
  13. Surat Ar Ra'd (Guruh)
  14. Surat Ibrahim (Nabi Ibrahim A.S.)
  15. Surat Al Hijr (Daerah Pegunungan)
  16. Surat An Nahl (Lebah)
  17. Surat Al Israa' (Memperjalankan Di Malam Hari)
  18. Surat Al Kahfi (Gua)
  19. Surat Maryam (Maryam)
  20. Surat Thaha (Thaahaa)
  21. Surat Al Anbiya' (Kisah Para Nabi)
  22. Surat Al Hajj (Ibadah Haji)
  23. Surat Al Mu'minun (Orang Mukmin)
  24. Surat An Nur (Cahaya)
  25. Surat Al Furqaan (Pembeda)
  26. Surat Asy Syu'ara' (Penyair)
  27. Surat An Naml (Semut)
  28. Surat Al Qashash (Cerita)
  29. Surat Al 'Ankabuut (Laba-Laba)
  30. Surat Ar Ruum (Bangsa Rumawi)
  31. Surat Luqman (Luqman)
  32. Surat As Sajdah ((Sujud)
  33. Surat Al Ahzab (Golongan Yang Bersekutu)
  34. Surat Saba' (Kaum Saba')
  35. Surat Fathir (Pencipta)
  36. Surat Yaasiin
  37. Surat Ash Shaffat (Yang Bershaf-Shaf)
  38. Surat Shaad
  39. Surat Az Zumar (Rombongan-Rombongan)
  40. Surat Al Mu'min (Orang Yang Beriman)
  41. Surat Fushshilat (Yang Dijelaskan)
  42. Surat Asy Syuura (Musyawarah)
  43. Surat Az Zukhruf (Perhiasan)
  44. Surat Ad Dukhaan (Kabut)
  45. Surat Al Jaatsiyah (Yang Berlutut)
  46. Surat Al Ahqaaf (Bukit Pasir)
  47. Surat Muhammad (Nabi Muhammad SAW)
  48. Surat Al Fath (Kemenangan)
  49. Surat Al Hujuraat (Kamar-Kamar)
  50. Surat Qaaf
  51. Surat Adz Dzaariyaat (Angin Yang Menerbangkan)
  52. Surat Ath Thuur (Bukit)
  53. Surat An Najm (Bintang)
  54. Surat Al Qamar (Bulan)
  55. Surat Ar Rahmaan (Yang Maha Pemurah)
  56. Surat Al Waaqi'ah (Hari Kiamat)
  57. Surat Al Hadid (Besi)
  58. Surat Al Mujadilah (Wanita Yang Mengajukan Gugatan)
  59. Surat Al Hasyr (Pengusiran)
  60. Surat Al Mumtahanah (Wanita Yang Diuji)
  61. Surat Ash Shaff (Barisan)
  62. Surat Al Jumu'ah (Hari Jum'at)
  63. Surat Al-Munafiqun (Orang-Orang Munafik)
  64. Surat At Taghabun (Hari Ditampakkan Kesalahan-Kesalahan)
  65. Surat Ath Thalaaq (Talak)
  66. Surat At Tahrim (Mengharamkan)
  67. Surat Al Mulk (Kerajaan)
  68. Surat Al Qalam (Pena)
  69. Surat Al Haqqah (Kiamat)
  70. Surat Al Ma'arij (Tempat-Tempat Naik)
  71. Surat Nuh (Nabi Nuh A.S)
  72. Surat Al Jin (Jin)
  73. Surat Al Muzzammil (Orang Yang Berselimut)
  74. Surat Al Muddatstsir (Orang Yang Berselimut)
  75. Surat Al Qiyamah (Hari Kiamat)
  76. Surat Al Insaan (Manusia)
  77. Surat Al Mursalat (Malaikat-Malaikat Yang Diutus)
  78. Surat An Naba´ (Berita Besar)
  79. Surat An Naazi´ (Malaikat-Malaikat Yang Mencabut)
  80. Surat 'Abasa (Bermuka Masam)
  81. Surat At Takwir (Menggulung)
  82. Surat Al Infithar (Terbelah)
  83. Surat Al Muthaffifiin (Orang-Orang Yang Curang)
  84. Surat Al Insyiqaaq (Terbelah)
  85. Surat Al Buruuj (Gugusan Bintang)
  86. Surat Ath Thaariq (Yang Datang Di Malam Hari)
  87. Surat Al A´Laa (Yang Paling Tinggi)
  88. Surat Al Ghaasyiyah (Hari Kiamat)
  89. Surat Al Fajr (Fajar)
  90. Surat Al Balad (Negeri)
  91. Surat Asy Syams (Matahari)
  92. Surat Al Lail (Malam)
  93. Surat Adh Dhuhaa (Waktu Dhuha)
  94. Surat Alam Nasyrah /Al Insyirah (Bukankah Kami Telah Melapangkan)
  95. Surat At Tiin (Buah Tin)
  96. Surat Al 'Alaq (Segumpal Darah)
  97. Surat Al Qadr (Kemuliaan)
  98. Surat Al Bayyinah (Bukti Yang Nyata)
  99. Surat Al Zalzalah (Goncangan)
  100. Surat Al 'Adiyat (Kuda Perang Yang Berlari Kencang)
  101. Surat Al Qari'ah (Hari Kiamat)
  102. Surat At Takatsur (Bermegah-Megahan)
  103. Surat Al 'Ashr (Masa)
  104. Surat Al Humazah (Pengumpat)
  105. Surat Al Fiil (Gajah)
  106. Surat Quraisy (Suku Quraisy)
  107. Surat Al Ma'un (Barang-Barang Yang Berguna)
  108. Surat Al Kautsar (Nikmat Yang Banyak)
  109. Surat Al Kafirun (Orang-Orang Kafir)
  110. Surat An Nashr (Pertolongan)
  111. Surat Al Lahab (Gejolak Api)
  112. Surat Al Ikhlas (Memurnikan Keesaan Allah)
  113. Surat Al Falaq (Waktu Subuh)
  114. Surat An Naas (Manusia)

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