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Motorcycle road rage update: New video and another arrest

Diterbitkan pada 8 Okt 2013
CBS News senior correspondent John Miller talks to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about the man who shot the original video of the biker road rage attack in New York City. Also, new video has surfaced that shows several men kicking the driver of the SUV.
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Shocking footage: Motorcycle mob beat Range Rover driver


Diterbitkan pada 1 Okt 2013
Shocking video footage shot apparently through a motorcyclist's helmet camera shows a group of biker thugs beating the driver of a Range Rover SUV. The incident took place on Sunday on the West Side Highway in New York City.

We now know that the driver of the vehicle was Alexian Lien, 33. He was travelling with his wife, Rosalyn, and their 2-year-old daughter. The family were driving when they were surrounded by a mob of bikers rallying for the "Hollywood Block Party."
In the video, you can see a biker slow down deliberately, causing the Range Rover to touch bumper to the bike's tire. This lead to a confrontation. According to police, one of the bikers "assaulted" the vehicle.

Lien made the decision to escape. In the process, he ploughed through several of the bikers. The New York Post reports that Motorcyclist Jeremiah Mieses, 26, was hospitalized after being run-over as Lien attempted to flee.

It's at this point the motorcyclists should have called 911 and let the police handle the situation. But they chase after Lien.

The mob later catch up with the Range Rover at a stop light. One of the bikers attempts to open Lien's driver side door, but he guns it and takes off.

Lien wasn't so lucky at the next stop. A biker takes off his helmet and smashes the driver side window. It's only when the violence begins does the camera stop.

Police say Lien was pummeled and slashed by the bikers. In photos, he can be seeing laying face down in the pavement.

Do you think Lien was justified in his actions? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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Aggressive Bikers Attack and get PayBack , road rage car revenge

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road rage biker vs car
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