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Cameron Highlands has a metal that will turn Malaysia into the richest nation worldwide
TTF: I am a scientist. I am very good with what I do.

Like me, any scientist would be able to tell you that the periodic table – a tabular arrangement  of chemical elements based on atomic number (the number of protons in an atom) and number of electronic shells (or energy levels) – has 118 elements listed and recognised by the IUPAC, or the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

These include elements 113, 115, 117 and 118, the most recent of discoveries, officially confirmed and approved in December 2015. 

Some of these elements are extremely rare but not as pricy as diamonds, simply because their half lives are but a couple of milliseconds, meaning, they are not stable and cannot exist in lasting physical forms even in the most extreme of conditions.

However, there is a new element that does exist in lasting physical form that’s far more superior than diamond or even the hardest or toughest (hard and tough, in science, are two distinct properties) metal known on earth.

Actually, in 2012, I got together with three other scientists and spent two months doing very complex calculations in the wee hours of the morning, hoping to crack the mystery surrounding the ‘string theory’.

In the process, we accidentally discovered that there should be another metal in the periodical table which probably had yet to be discovered, simply because scientists could easily mistake the metal ore to be that of another element that’s virtually useless.

We decided not to publish anything related to the metal until such a time that the metal is discovered.

Yesterday, we communicated with each other and decided to work on a paper which we plan to submit to the Journal of Physical Chemistry.

That decision came about after I assured them that a group of Malaysian archeologists led by a certain businessman discovered the metal quite a while back.

Ore containing the metal has since been discovered in extreme abundance in Cameron Highlands and several other locations in Pahang by a team of individuals unrelated to that businessman.

If harnessed, the metal’s value could far surpass that of a diamond by several orders of magnitude and render Malaysia the richest country in the world.

While I can’t be certain, the rush to control Cameron Highlands could well be related to it.

You see, whoever controls the Pahang parliamentary district controls also dredging activity within its rivers, currently under the purview of Tenaga National Berhad (TNB).

Cameron Highlands (CH) isn’t exactly your everyday run-of-the-mill constituency. A district in Pahang with a population density of about 33,300 people, what concerns the average breadwinner most is if a person seeking to contest the seat is able to sustain the unique socioeconomic balance long enjoyed by its diverse population base. Basically, the people of CH want you to keep business going while keeping in check the wanton destruction of rainforests. But here’s the kicker – not only do the people want farmers who destroy these rainforests to stay, they want them to continue expanding to deliver more opportunity to the people.

It’s quite like the case of the guy who wants to have the cake and eat it. In CH, it is the illegal exploration of rainforests that presents opportunity to the Indians, the Chinese, the Malay-Muslims and the Orang Asli folk (Aslis). These groups derive benefits both from the vegetable farms and businesses farmers and transportation tycoons establish within townships in and around CH. The more the rainforests are cleared, the more it leaves behind large patches of barren soil which gets washed into rivers during downpours. It is the erosion of this soil that leads to sludge being deposited into rivers which Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) ends up cleaning.

It’s a billion dollar industry.

The more the farms opened, the more the millions TNB forks out to do the cleaning. The power company cannot afford to have clogged rivers as it prevents the smooth running of its turbines. The contracting firms it hires to deepen the rivers depend heavily upon foreign workers and the Aslis to man their machines. While these firms are primarily Bumiputra owned, the mobilisation of machinery and heavy vehicles is part-controlled by a group of enterprising Indian millionaires who own a diverse set of businesses around CH. These businesses present job opportunities both for the Indian and the Malay-Muslim communities.

I just happen to know some of these millionaires. I even know the owner of a contracting firm that offers services to TNB. I can tell you with an absolute degree of certainty that CH is the only place in Malaysia that has an intricate socioeconomic fabric of interconnected businesses every member of its society thrives on. In a sense, it is the millions TNB forks out yearly to clean up rivers that prompts farmers to open more farms. In another, it is the exploration by these farmers that prompts TNB to fork out millions just to keep rivers flowing and most of its turbines running.

TNB is a subsidiary of the Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali controlled Khazanah Nasional Berhad.

Cameron Highlands, on the other hand, was under the control of Barisan Nasional before the Election Commission declared the seat vacant.

Should Pakatan Harapan now succeed in wresting control of the seat, then, with the help of Mahathir’s Khazanah, all existing contracts awarded to construction firms for dredging related works by TNB could end up being reviewed.

Assuming that happens, Mahathir and sons will engage their own firms to quietly begin exploratory works in the depths of the district’s jungles and rivers to discover and mine the precious metal.

In the event they succeed, PPBM is likely to become the richest and most powerful political party the world over, far richer even than the richest oil exploration firm currently in existence.

And three very important and esteemed individuals from the states of Pahang, Perak and Johor are in the know about the whole thing and are keeping very tight lipped about it.
TANAH RATA: The Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is hoping for a victory in the Cameron Highlands parliamentary by-election on Jan 26 so that it can be used as a stepping stone in efforts to take over Pahang from the Barisan Nasional (BN).

DAP deputy chairman Gobind Singh Deo said for that reason, PH candidate M. Manogaran should win so that better services could be delivered to the locals as PH now administered the federal government.

“When we look at the past, we have had candidates from BN for 61 years and yet we find that the problems affecting the people here all this while have yet to be resolved.

“I have spoken to the community and found a sense of frustration because these were the problems affecting their daily lives and livelihood. So I think this is the time for us to look at making changes,” said Gobind, who is also the Communications and Multimedia Minister.

Gobind, who is also Puchong MP, said this when met after a get-together between PH leaders and 200 members of the Orang Asli community in Cameron Highlands, which was also attended by Manogaran at the Quintet Hall, here today.

On PH’s chances to win the by-election following BN’s move to field a candidate from the Orang Asli community, Gobind said that although BN was seen to have an advantage particularly in garnering the support of the Orang Asli community, Manogaran, on the other hand, is believed to have the advantage of focusing on local issues in the interest of the people.

“Of course it will be difficult for us. I still feel that at the end of the day, we have to look at someone who is familiar with the issues of the entire community here and someone who is able to speak up and find solutions for them,” he said.

Asked on the issue of Senator Bob Manolan who had allegedly threatened Tok Batin (Orang Asli village chiefs) to support PH at an event in Pos Betau, Gobind said he would leave the issue to the police to investigate.

“I don’t want to comment as the case is under police investigation, so let them do their job,” he said. Yesterday, Pahang Umno Youth had lodged a police report on Bob Manolan’s statement for allegedly telling Tok Batins in Cameron Highlands that they could lose their salaries and posts if they did not support PH.

The by-election sees a four-cornered fight involving BN’s Ramli Mohd Nor, PH’s Manogaran, and independents Sallehudin Ab Talib and Wong Seng Yee.

Cameron Highlands has a metal that will turn Malaysia into the richest nation worldwide – The Third Force

Teresa Kok harus jawab dakwaan bahawa beliau tidak setuju Islam sebagai agama Rasmi Persekutuan
TTF: Berikut merupakan terbitan portal Minda Rakyat yang menarik perhatian admin. TTF menyeru Teresa Kok supaya memberi reaksi terhadap terbitan ini dengan menyatakan samada apa yang dinyatakan oleh penulis di bawah betul atau sebaliknya.

Minda Rakyat

YB Teresa Kok dari parti DAP dalam keterangannya hari ini di Mahkamah Jalan Duta menyatakan bahawa beliau tidak setuju Islam sebagai agama Rasmi Persekutuan. Jawapan Teresa Kok ini terpancul setelah diajukan soalan daripada pihak peguam Dato Zaini Utusan dalam kes saman Teresa Kok ke atas Dato Zaini ekoran artikel cuit cuit Dato Zaini pada tahun 2010.

Saya sempat hadir dalam perbicaraan pagi tadi dan sepanjang saya berada di dalam kamar Mahkamah saya sendiri mendengar soalan dan juga jawapan apabila Teresa Kok disoal oleh peguam Dato Zaini. Memang saya sudah menjangka DAP akan terus kekal menolak Islam sebagai agama Rasmi Malaysia walaupun Teresa Kok tahu didalam Perlembagaan jelas menyatakan bahawa Islam adalah Agama Rasmi Persekutuan Malaysia.

Ada beberapa pekara lagi yang menarik sepanjang perbicaraan yang saya ikuti pagi tadi dan antaranya berhubung Wang umat Islam Selangor yang mana apabila peguam Dato Zaini bertanyakan kepada Teresa Kok mengenai kemana disalurkan wang umat Islam Selangor beliau menjawap bahawa ada peruntukan wang yang disalurkan bukan sahaja kepada umat Islam Selangor. Malah Teresa Kok juga turut mengakui penyaluran wang umat Islam Selangor kepada agama lain mendapat banyak bantahan daripada umat Islam Selangor.

Teresa Kok juga mengakui bahawa Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor mendesak agar kuota 10% UITM diberikan kepada bukan Bumiputera. Usul tersebut menurut Teresa Kok dinyatakan oleh Menteri Besar Selangor Dato Sri Khalid Ibrahim yang telah mendapat bantahan bukan sahaja dari Bumiputera Selangor malah oleh para pelajar UITM sendiri.

Isu ladang Babi turut menjadi perhatian saya apabila Teresa Kok menyatakan bahawa bukan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat yang meluluskan projek tersebut sebaliknya Teresa Kok menyatakan kerajaan Barisan Nasional terdahulu yang meluluskan projek tersebut. Kenyataan Teresa Kok tersebut disanggah oleh peguam Dato Zaini dengan menyatakan bahawa bekas Menteri Besar Selangor sewaktu dibawah pentadbiran Barisan Nasional Dato Sri Khir Toyo menafikan bahawa beliau meluluskan ladang ternakan Babi yang mahu dibina di Sepang.

Dalam isu ladang ternakan Babi ini akhirnya Teresa Kok DAP mengakui bahawa kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat ada membincangkan projek Ladang Ternakan Babi bernilai RM100 Juta selepas mereka menang Selangor Mac 2008.

Saya dan Dato Zaini Cuit Cuit Utusan Malaysia

Walaupun sekitar sejam saya berada didalam kamar Mahkamah tetapi saya dapat lihat sendiri betapa Racist Teresa Kok parti DAP ini bila berhubungkait dengan Melayu dan Islam. Sepanjang pagi tadi juga saya dapat lihat betapa gugupnya Teresa Kok dalam menjawap soalan peguam Dato Zaini. Namun demikian saya memuji sikap Teresa Kok yang pada saya jujur dalam memberikan keterangan bahawa beliau jelas anti kepada Bumiputera dan juga menolak Islam. Jadi sudah kita tahu kebenarannya akan apa yang DAP perjuangkan cuma menunggu masa bila agaknya orang Melayu Islam akan sedar agenda DAP yang cukup halus dalam pekara ini.

Ini satu pekara yang seharusnya mendatangkan kesedaran kepada Bumiputera dan juga umat Islam. Perbicaraan kes Teresa Kok menyaman Dato Zaini Utusan telah membuka lebih banyak pekung DAP yang mempamerkan watak dan sikap Racist sebenar mereka ini. Orang Melayu khususnya perlu sedar agenda DAP ini dan inilah yang sering saya tekankan agar orang Islam Melayu wajib menolak parti Couvenis DAP.

Kenyataan Teresa Kok yang menolak Islam sebagai agama Rasmi Persekutuan seharusnya dijawab oleh sekutu DAP didalam Pakatan Rakyat. PAS harus tampil dalam isu ini agar kita semua tahu pendirian PAS berhubung kenyataan Teresa Kok. Jika sebelum ini Karpal Singh menolak Islam sebagai Agama Rasmi Persekutuan dan kemudiannya dijawap oleh PAS sebagai kenyataan peribadi Karpal dan bukannya DAP bagaimana pula dengan kenyataan Teresa Kok? Apakah sekali lagi PAS akan menyatakan ianya juga adalah pendirian peribadi dan bukanya pendirian parti sekutu mereka DAP?
Bersatulah wahai orang Islam dan Bumiputera, wajib kita menolak Cina Couvenis DAP ini
Sumber: Media Rakyat
Netizens claim Penang ‘cross sign’ largest in world

The Penang government is awaiting feedback from the developer regarding the cross sign at Grace Residence in Jelutong here.

Yesterday, Penang Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor urged the state government and the Penang Island City Council to explain the cross sign at Grace Residence.

Some netizens even claimed that it was the largest cross sign in the world.

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang government is awaiting feedback from the developer regarding the cross sign at Grace Residence in Jelutong here.
Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said he was waiting for the State Secretary Datuk Seri Farizan Darus to complete a report on the matter.
He said he believed the developer was aware that the matter had gone viral on social media and hoped he would come forward to provide the necessary explanation.
“I believe this project has yet to be completed and no certificate of completion and compliance had been issued.
“The contractor may be in the process of testing out the facilities, including the lighting. We are awaiting explanation from them why the lights appeared in the form of a cross, since this is supposed to be residential units,” he told newsmen today.
Yesterday, Penang Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor urged the state government and the Penang Island City Council to explain the cross sign at Grace Residence.
He had said that the matter could be solved amicably if all parties were willing to be tolerant of each other.
He had also advised the people to be mindful of their acts to ensure they do not disrupt the harmony in a multiracial society.
Meanwhile, Chow advised the people to further promote tolerance and to appreciate the built environment in looking after the sensitivity of all.
“I think the cross sign has no intention in hurting anyone’s feelings,” he added.
Commenting on the same issue, Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican said the Penang government should be mindful of the Mufti’s advice.
“The state authority has the power to make right what is wrong, whether done deliberately or otherwise.
“This is not an issue of non-tolerance by certain quarters but what is happening is an eyesore and can cause restlessness. As such, immediate action should be taken,” he said.
Reezal said the developer should be summoned to explain the matter.
Several images went viral in social media about a cross sign in Jelutong which was displayed at a new apartment here recently.
Some netizens even claimed that it was the largest cross sign in the world.
However it turned out that it was not a cross sign but only a series of lights which when lit appeared as a cross sign.
Source: NST Online
Netizens claim Penang ‘cross sign’ largest in world – The Third Force

Agong theory: Amid rumours, nobody has painted true picture

TTF: There are many rumours swirling regarding the appointment of Tengku Abdullah as the sixth Sultan of Pahang.

Some insist it has to do with a plan of succession by the Conference of Rulers to fill the vacancy left behind by Sultan Muhammad V, the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Others insist that it is a coincidence, that Tengku Abdullah’s ascend to the Pahang Throne was due to the critical state of health His Royal Highness’ father, Sultan Ahmad Shah, is in.

Nobody has thus far given an accurate depiction of what’s truly going on.

KUANTAN: ‘Please pray for my father,’ said Tengku Abdul Rahman Sultan Ahmad Shah on the health condition of his father who has fallen ill.
“(My) father’s condition? The specialists have given an explanation to the (Pahang) Royal Council (on Sultan Ahmad’s health condition) yesterday,” he told journalists when announcing the appointment of Regent of Pahang Tengku Abdullah as the sixth Sultan of Pahang at Istana Abu Bakar today.
He however refused to comment further on Sultan Ahmad Shah’s condition and wanted to focus on the upcoming ceremony.
“Father is unwell and if possible, I do not wish to discuss about it here. It is better that we focus on affairs of the proclamation.

“We hope that the people of Pahang pray for the wellbeing of Paduka Ayahanda.

“It is my hope that (he will) be with us during the proclamation ceremony (of the new Sultan of Pahang),” he said.

The proposal to appoint Tengku Abdullah, forwarded to the Pahang Royal Council, was made because Sultan Ahmad Shah is gravely ill.

Sultan Ahmad Shah, 88, is currently undergoing intensive treatment at the National Heart Institute.

“My family and I are grateful to the medical specialists who have provided excellent service and care to Paduka Ayahanda,” Tengku Abdul Rahman said.

Pahang Royal Council had during a meeting yesterday approved Part 1 Article 9A of the State Constitution to ask the ruler to abdicate due to his grave illness.

Source: NST Online

Agong theory: Amid rumours, nobody has painted true picture – The Third Force

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