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With latest jump, Malaysia now has third highest Covid-19 cases in Asia
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 6 hours ago
(The Star) – Malaysia now has the third highest number of Covid-19 cases in Asia behind China, South Korea and Japan. This follows the latest jump in the number of new cases in Malaysia, with 110 new cases reported on Thursday (March 19) bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 900. Japan, in comparison, […]
Jumlah positif Covid-19 mencecah 1,000 kes
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 6 hours ago
(Malaysia Gazette) – Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) hari ini mengisytiharkan kes positif pandemik Covid-19 kini mencecah 1,000 kes. Menurut menterinya, Datuk Seri Dr. Adham Baba, jumlah terkini positif Covid-19 sudah melepasi paras 900 kes. “Terdapat 110 kes baharu yang telah dilaporkan. Ini menjadikan jumlah kes positif Covid-19 di Malaysia adalah sebanyak 900 kes. “Berdasarkan siasatan […]
Hundreds of monkeys from 2 gangs engage in fight over food in Thailand after tourism drops
Editor II, Malaysia Today - 6 hours ago
(Mothership) – The spread of Covid-19 has resulted in a drop in tourist arrivals at Lop Buri just like many other places around the world. This has apparently resulted in a lack of food for the thousands of monkeys residing in the city, which have become so reliant and adapted to human feeding over time. […]
WHO: Avoid taking ibuprofen for Covid-19 symptoms
Editor II, Malaysia Today - 6 hours ago
(MalayMail) – The World Health Organization recommended yesterday that people suffering Covid-19 symptoms avoid taking ibuprofen, after French officials warned that anti-inflammatory drugs could worsen effects of the virus. The warning by French Health Minister Olivier Veran followed a recent study in The Lancet medical journal that hypothesised that an enzyme boosted by anti-inflammatory drugs […]
China expels US journalists in biggest crackdown in years
Editor II, Malaysia Today - 6 hours ago
(FMT) – China on Wednesday expelled American journalists at The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal in the Communist government’s most severe move against foreign media in recent memory. The drastic move came as the two powers are feuding over the deadly coronavirus pandemic, with President Donald Trump provocatively branding […]
Coronavirus makes Taliban realise they need health workers alive not dead
Editor II, Malaysia Today - 7 hours ago
(TheStar) – Scared by the prospect a coronavirus epidemic in parts of Afghanistan under their control, the Taliban have pledged their readiness to work with healthcare workers instead of killing them, as they have been accused of in the past. Back in September, the Taliban lifted a ban on the World Health Organisation and Red […]
Tun M, you lost. Accept it!
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 8 hours ago
KTemoc KonsIders When Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad became the 7th prime minister, the country and other world leaders went euphoric. Countries around the globe suddenly saw the awakening of a ”saviour” whose mission was to save Malaysia from kleptocrats, thieves and corruption that had gangrened the country. He was stacked with honorary awards and was […]
Harapan orang Melayu kepada Perikatan Nasional
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 8 hours ago
PEMBENTUKAN kerajaan Perikatan Nasional (PN) dianggap oleh ramai pihak, termasuk penganalisis politik sebagai kerajaan Bumiputera. Ini kerana daripada 70 jawatan Menteri dan Timbalan Menteri yang dilantik, 63 daripadanya adalah Bumiputera yang bermaksud hanya 7 orang sahaja Menteri dan Timbalan Menteri yang bukan Bumiputera. Orang Melayu sendiri sudah pasti gembira dan bersyukur kerana dari 70 jawatan […]
DAP’s Teo Nie Ching, Nga Kor Ming deny blaming government and Muslims for Covid-19
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 8 hours ago
(MMO) – DAP’s international secretary Teo Nie Ching today rejected social media posts claiming she condemned the government for reacting slowly to the Covid-19 outbreak in the country. The former deputy minister said that she never made the remarks that were attributed to her in the fictitious posts. “Even in this critical situation, some parties […]
Covid-19: Kit Siang says stop blaming Pakatan Harapan
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 9 hours ago
(FMT) – DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang today urged Malaysians to put aside their differences in the struggle to combat the Covid-19 outbreak which has claimed two lives in the country so far. In a statement, he said while Malaysians should not have lost “the containment war”, they must win “the mitigation war”. “[This] is […]
‘Balik kampung’ goer positive for Covid-19 after travelling from JB to Kuantan via bus
admin-s, Malaysia Today - 10 hours ago
The Kuantan Health Office is urging passengers who boarded that bus to contact them immediately. (The Sun Daily) – Kuantan Health Office has confirmed that a person who travelled from Johor Bahru to Kuantan has tested positive for Covid-19, FMT reported. It is understood that the passenger was going for initial check-ups in Johor Baru, […]
How Malaysia Went From Its Last 2 Cases Of Covid-19 To 790 Total Cases In Just 2 Weeks
admin-s, Malaysia Today - 10 hours ago
We started 27th February 2020 on a calm note—it seemed that the worst was finally over for us; we only had 2 cases of Covid-19 left and Malaysia seemed well set to eradicating the disease. (Sheraton move was on 23rd February, the tabligh infection spike would still have occurred if there was a ban on Chinese […]
Massive Bangladesh coronavirus prayer gathering sparks outcry
admin-s, Malaysia Today - 10 hours ago
A massive coronavirus prayer session with tens of thousands of devotees sparked an outcry in Bangladesh Wednesday as the South Asian nation reported its first death from the global pandemic. (NST) – Local police chief Tota Miah said some 10,000 Muslims gathered in an open field in Raipur town in southern Bangladesh to pray “healing […]
GCEs, A-Levels cancelled in England and Wales
admin-s, Malaysia Today - 10 hours ago
“I can confirm that we will not go ahead with assessments or exams and that we will not be publishing performance tables for this academic year.” (NST) – England and Wales’ summer General Certificate of Secondary Education and Advanced level exams will not take place as scheduled in May and June. Reports said this follows […]

Singapura tempatkan semua PKL di dalam gedung demi alasan kebersihan, bagaimana dengan kota-kota di Asia lainnya?
Singapura telah memindahkan semua pedagang kaki lima di dalam gedung. Mungkinkah kebijakan itu dicontoh negara lain?
Dulu susah nak jumpa masyarakat... sekarang kerajaan suruh duduk di rumah pun turun melawat
Executive Editor, Minda Rakyat - 3 hours ago
Masa berkuasa... Susah nak jenguk rakyat2 yang kena TIPU. Laa, dah hilang kuasa... dia pulak acah2 perihatin masalah rakyat & tak kena masa. Kerajaan suruh DUDUK DALAM RUMAH. Itu pun susah nak faham ke..???? *MR :** Ada PHD tak menulis ni?* *Untuk dapatkan berita daripada kami secara terus,sila subscribe via telegram* dan untuk forum sila ke ............oo000oo........... *MINDARAKYAT* [image: Whatsapp] [image: Telegram] [image: Facebook][image: Emel kepada MR][image: ...
China Luncurkan Uji Klinis Vaksin Virus Corona, Rekrut 108 Orang Sehat - 3 hours ago
Kementerian Pendidikan China telah meminta universitas, lembaga penelitian ilmiah dan perusahaan terkait percepat penelitian tentang vaksin Covdi-19.

Those who breach movement control order could face RM10,000 fine, says lawyer
admin-s, Malaysia Today - 10 hours ago
Muhyiddin, who yesterday appealed to Malaysians not to return to their hometowns throughout the two-week MCO, said mass movements of people would defeat the purpose of the order. He said the government would have no choice but to extend the duration of the MCO if the virus is not contained. (FMT) – Those who violate […]
Rakyat Malaysia dipercayai sertai perhimpunan tabligh di Sulawesi
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 22 hours ago
(Bernama) – Acara Ijtima of Asia 2020 di Indonesia yang dilaporkan bakal dihadiri ribuan jemaah tabligh, dipercayai turut dihadiri rakyat Malaysia. Jurucakap Kedutaan Besar Malaysia di Jakarta berkata meskipun pihak kedutaan telah mengeluarkan larangan agar rakyat Malaysia tidak menghadiri program itu, dipercayai berpuluh-puluh orang dilaporkan sudah berada di sana. “Belum ada jumlah tepat rakyat Malaysia […]
Pakatan Harapan’s stupidity is taking the lives of Malaysians
Raja Petra Kamarudin, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
So, yes, many lives are going to be sacrificed over the next month or two before events come back to normal, or close to normal. Some of these victims will be your family members and friends. And when you bury or cremate them, just remember that you are sending these people to their graves with […]
9,000 ignore virus risk to attend Muslim gathering in Sulawesi
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(Reuters) – Thousands of Muslim pilgrims from across Asia gathered in Indonesia on Wednesday, despite fears that their meeting could fuel the spread of a coronavirus, just two weeks after a similar event in Malaysia caused more than 500 infections. Organisers and regional officials said the event in the world’s fourth most populous nation had […]
Emirates asks pilots to take unpaid leave, Qatar Airways lays off staff
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(Reuters) – Middle East airline Qatar Airways laid off about 200 Filipino staff in Doha this week and rival Emirates asked pilots to take unpaid leave as the coronavirus outbreak hammers demand for travel. The state-owned airlines have had to slash dozens of flights, which are crucial for their Gulf hubs that millions of passengers […]
Malaysia reports 117 new COVID-19 cases, remains hardest-hit Southeast Asian country
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(CNA) – Malaysia reported 117 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday (Mar 18), bringing the total number of infections in the country to 790. In a statement, Health Minister Dr Adham Baba said that of the 117, 80 cases related to the mass religious gathering that took place in Sri Petaling from Feb 27 to Mar 1. “At […]
Khalid Samad hentilah lihat isu ikut kaca mata politik
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
)Ismaweb) – Presiden gerakan Islam utama, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA), Haji Aminuddin Yahaya meminta bekas Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan, Khalid Abdul Samad berhenti daripada melihat setiap perkara melalui kaca mata politik. Beliau membuat permintaan demikian susulan kritikan Khalid terhadap kerajaan Perikatan Nasional (PN) – diketuai Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin – dalam mengendalikan kes COVID-19. “Sebelum itu […]
Guan Eng claims credit for Perikatan Nasional’s successes
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(MMO) – Amid the pressing economic and health crises in the country, DAP’s Lim Guan Eng said today it was encouraging that policies Pakatan Harapan (PH) introduced were still easing the burdens of Malaysians now under a new government. Lim, who is DAP secretary-general, also said one of PH’s final tasks before it was ousted […]
Chinese social media shocked as huge concerts go ahead in UK amid coronavirus pandemic
Editor II, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(SCMP) – Chinese social media users have been left stunned after seeing images of large-scale concerts held by Welsh band the Stereophonics that went ahead in the UK despite the country’s escalating coronavirus crisis. Although concerts have been cancelled throughout China and the rest of Asia for months, and large festivals such as Coachella and […]
Covid-19: In Bangsar, restaurant owners see sharp drop in delivery orders, takeaways
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(MMO) – The usually bustling Jalan Telawi, Bangsar is nothing like what most are familiar with on a daily basis today. Ample parking lots are available on every Telawi street and barely any pedestrians can be seen. Today is the first day that eateries are operating on the ‘takeaway’ option only following the restriction of […]
US, China play coronavirus blame game
Editor II, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(BangkokPost) – The United States and China on Monday each demanded that the other stop smearing its reputation over the novel coronavirus as Donald Trump referred to the pathogen as the “Chinese Virus”. “The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus,” the […]
Trump ‘going big’ with US$1 trillion stimulus as US coronavirus deaths top 100
Editor II, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(NST) – The Trump administration on Tuesday pursued a US$1 trillion stimulus package that could deliver US$1,000 checks to Americans within two weeks to buttress an economy hit by coronavirus, while New York said it might order its residents to stay home. With the number of reported U.S. cases of the respiratory illness surging past […]
Amid apathy, health DG appeals to public to stay home
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(FMT) – Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has appealed to the public to remain at home and to practise social distancing throughout the two-week movement control order (MCO). In a Facebook post, he said this would help the health ministry tackle the Covid-19 outbreak, adding that everyone is responsible for their safety and health […]
Violating movement control order is a criminal offence – Takiyuddin Hassan
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(Bernama) – All quarters should comply with the movement control order that takes effect today until March 31 and breach of the order is a criminal and moral offence, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Parliament and Law) Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan. He said pursuant to Section 11 (4) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious […]
Town council forced to disperse traders at open-air market
MT Webmaster, Malaysia Today - 1 day ago
(FMT) – Council officers in Kuala Langat, Selangor were forced to go to ground this morning to disperse traders at an outdoor market, in fulfilling Putrajaya’s movement control order to contain the spread of Covid-19. The Kuala Langat District Council (MDKL) said it would also lodge police reports if the traders continued defying the directive. […]

Dokter Sampai Duduk Sekasur Saat Merawatnya, Begini Kisah Pasien Sembuh Corona - 3 hours ago
Kepada TribunJakarta, ia menuturkan kisah perjuangan tenaga medis yang merawatnya, kakak dan sang ibunda.

Cara Menggunakan Google Meet, Gratis hingga 1 Juli 2020 - 3 hours ago
Berikut ini cara menggunakan Google Meet yang digratiskan hingga 1 Juli 2020 mendatang

3 Cara Mudah Tingkatkan Kekebalan Tubuh pada Manula Agar Terhindar dari Penyakit (Editor), - 3 hours ago
Mereka yang berusia lanjut dan memiliki penyakit bawaan cenderung memiliki risiko lebih tinggi ketika mengalami infeksi ini. Oleh karena itu, sangat penting menjaga daya tahan dan kekebalan tubuh pada saat seperti ini.
9 Manfaat Kunyit Putih, Bisa Cegah Penuaan Dini (Editor), - 3 hours ago
Masyarakat Indonesia kerap menambahkan bubuk kunyit putih ke dalam masakan kari. Meskipun di beberapa resep masakan lainnya kunyit putih kerap digantikan dengan jahe. Selain dimanfaatkan sebagai bumbu masakan kunyit putih juga kerap dijadikan obat yang memiliki banyak khasiat.
7 Cara Alami Mengatasi Herpes, Ampuh dan Tidak Berbekas (Editor), - 3 hours ago
Berikut ini, kami rangkum cara alami mengatasi herpes agat tak berbekas di kulit Anda.

6 Khasiat Minuman Bandrek, Salah Satunya Cegah Corona (Editor), - 3 hours ago
Bandrek adalah minuman tradisional khas Jawa Barat. Minuman yang kaya akan rempah seperti jahe, kayu manis serta cengkeh ini dipercaya memiliki kandungan yang kuat sebagai antioksidan tinggi.

6 Makanan Penyebab Radang Tenggorokan, Jangan Disepelekan (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Radang tenggorokan, merupakan suatu kondisi yang mengganggu aktivitas sehari-hari. Biasanya tenggorokan akan terasa gatal, sakit dan susah menelan makanan ataupun minuman.

14 Mitos Mengenai Corona, Wajib Diketahui agar Tak Gampang Panik (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Bagi sebagian orang yang belum mengetahui secara dalam mengenai apa itu corona, tidak ada salahnya mengerti mengenai virus tersebut, berikut ini kami rangkum 14 mitos mengenai Corona

Kisah Relawan Berani Diuji Coba Vaksin Corona Demi Keselamatan Umat Manusia (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Sementara Haller mengaku, adalah keputusan yang mudah baginya untuk menjadi relawan.

BETUL BILA JUMPA MATIKAN (Tukar Tiub), Tukar Tiub - 3 hours ago
BETUL BILA JUMPA MATIKAN Isu fakenews bukan benda baru, ia telah lama wujud selari dgn peradaban manusia. Cuma bezanya bagaimana kita menerimanya mengikut zaman. Tapisan paling ampuh ialah akal kita sendiri disamping adanya teknologi internet yang sepatutnya tiada bangkit pun isu fakenews ini. Namun masalah yg sering kita dengar ialah kesian pada makcik bawang dan orang kampung yang mudah terpedaya.. so kalau itulah hakikatnya maka golongan itu tadilah yang tidak sepatutnya sesuai berada di alam media sosial di zaman ini. Sekadar pandangan.. on *HINDARKAN* Publish | Delete ...
Bukan rakyat biasa tak faham bekas menteri pun bangang nak faham duduk di rumah
Executive Editor, Minda Rakyat - 3 hours ago
Ramai yg TAK PAHAM BAHASA.. Kerajaan suruh duduk di rumah. Jgn keluar kecuali hal2 yg PENTING sahaja. Biar MKN, PM dan MENTERI yg terlibat sahaja buat kerja bagi memutuskan rangkaian virus covid 19. Yang TIADA kaitan sila DUDUK DI RUMAH. Jgn nak raih simpati politik dalam keadaan sekarang. Sebagai Ahli Politik pembangkang tunjukkanlah CONTOH ikutan yang baik pada masyarakat. Masa tengah berkuasa dan ada jawatan tak nak pula ko turun ke lapangan bantu rakyat. Bila dah jadi MANTAN sibuk kelapangan konon nak beli jiwa rakyat. Time ni lah ko cari millage politik sambil hasut rakyat....
Teguhkan Solidaritas Nasional Hadapi Bencana Corona
Penyebaran virus Corona atau COVID-19 telah menjadi bencana internasional. Bahkan WHO telah menetapkan virus ini sebagai pandemi karena sudah meluas ke berbagai negara.

NAMA DIA TAK TAK (Tukar Tiub), Tukar Tiub - 3 hours ago
NAMA TAK TAK TAK SEKOLAH TAK BEKERJA Comel Anjing tu... on *PERANG KESEHATAN* Remove content | Delete | Spam HALIMI MN at 16:59 Lu -------------
Bank Indonesia: Inflasi Februari 0,28 Persen (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Perkembangan ini dipengaruhi oleh kelompok inflasi inti yang rendah. Lalu kelompok administered prices yang kembali mencatat deflasi, dan inflasi volatile food yang melambat
Ahli Sebut Ada Kemungkinan Virus Corona Berasal dari Alam, Ini Penjelasannya (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Tidak hanya para pejabat negara saja, banyak warga di dunia mengaitkan persebaran virus korona ini seolah hanya dibuat-buat. Menciptakan berbagai teori konspirasi yang mengungkapkan bahwa persebaran virus corona ini buatan manusia atau perang senjata kimia. Ini jawaban ilmiahnya.
20.000 Ton Gula Masuk Jakarta, Harga Segera Turun (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Dia berharap, melimpahnya pasokan bisa menstabilkan harga gula pada Harga Eceran Tertinggi (HET) Rp12.500 per Kg, sehingga tidak ada kenaikan lagi sampai bulan puasa dan hari raya Lebaran.
8 Cara Membuat Camilan Sehat dari Berbagai Macam Buah Segar (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Membuat camilan sehat sendiri akan membuat diri lebih memahami setiap manfaat buah, serta sesuai dengan kebutuhan nutrisi tubuh. Apalagi bagi yang ingin mengganti cemilan sehari-hari yang penuh micin dan dirasa kurang sehat.
Kasus Positif Corona di Yogyakarta: Beda Data Pemerintah Pusat dan Daerah (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Data jumlah kasus positif Virus Corona atau Covid-19 di Yogyakarta berbeda antara yang disebutkan pemerintah pusat dan daerah.
Menkominfo sebut Kerja Sama Eksklusif dengan WhatsApp terkait Virus Corona Tak Mudah (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Menteri Komunikasi dan Informatika (Menkominfo) Johnny G. Plate mengatakan bahwa pemerintah telah melakukan kerja sama dengan WhatsApp dan Telkom Group untuk membangun chatbot WA yang bisa diakses publik dengan nama akun:
Tangani Pasien Corona, Pemda DIY Tambah 22 Rumah Sakit Rujukan (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Sekretaris Daerah (Sekda) DIY, Kadarmanta Baskara Aji mengatakan, ada 22 rumah sakit yang disiapkan menangani pasien virus Corona di DIY. Pemda DIY telah bertemu dengan direktur dari ke 22 rumah sakit tersebut.
JK: Keadaaan Darurat, Pemerintah Boleh Perintahkan Rakyat Tidak Mudik (Editor), - 4 hours ago
Sebelumnya, data terakhir yang dirilis Tim Satuan Gugus Tugas Covid-19 terdapat 309 kasus positif virus corona di Indonesia. 25 orang meninggal dan 15 lainnya dinyatakan sembuh.
Kronologi Penyiraman Novel Baswedan Versi Pelaku (Editor), - 5 hours ago
Terdakwa duduk sambil membuka ikatan plastik warna hitam yang berisi cairan asam sulfat (H2SO4) yang tersimpan dalam Mug, sedangkan Terdakwa Ronny Bugis duduk di atas sepeda motor sambil mengamati setiap orang yang keluar dari Masjid Al-Ikhsan.
Pemerintah Siapkan Metode Diagnosa Cepat Virus Corona Lewat Aplikasi Online (Editor), - 5 hours ago
Juru Bicara Pemerintah untuk Covid-19, Acmad Yurianto menyatakan kesiapan negara untuk melakukan screening massal virus corona atau pemeriksaan cepat Covid-19. Tujuannya adalah untuk mempercepat mengetahui kasus pasien positif agar bisa ditangani dan diisolasi.
SMF Raup Laba Bersih Rp472 Miliar Sepanjang 2019 (Editor), - 5 hours ago
Direktur SMF, Ananta Wiyogo mengatakan, capaian kinerja positif tersebut tidak lepas dari upaya perusahaan sepanjang tahun lalu yang berhasil melakukan penyaluran pinjaman yang mencapai Rp14,45 triliun, atau meningkat 21,63 persen dibanding tahun 2018 sebesar Rp11,88 triliun.
Pelemahan Ekonomi Diperkirakan Bisa Berlangsung Hingga 6 Bulan (Editor), - 5 hours ago
Dunia usaha saat ini terperangkap dalam situasi yang sangat tidak diuntungkan. Perlambatan ekonomi sudah mulai terjadi ditandai dengan dua permasalahan utama. Pertama soal suplai yang pasti akan berkurang karena imbauan masif untuk bekerja dari rumah.

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